“As a former business owner and 2017 Chairman of the Board of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, I have had the opportunity to interact with Tim on a number of community, social and business matters. I have found him to be well-informed, well-connected and objective in his assessment of various business and community issues. My experience is that he is very effective at researching an issue before developing sound strategic approaches, and always displays the highest level of integrity in his work. I value Tim’s insight and innovative approach on business and communications matters.”

- Michael B. Verhulst

“Strategic, innovative, dedicated and honest. Those are just a few of the words I would use to describe Tim’s business and personal character. I had the opportunity to work with Tim at WXMI-TV in Grand Rapids and WXYZ-TV in Detroit. He displayed leadership at every turn, guiding the staff at both stations to extraordinary achievements. Tim was especially strong at project management, identifying new initiatives, assessing the risks involved and then implementing the vision with great success. I would also add that he is a consummate professional and demonstrates a high degree of integrity in everything he does.”

- Eduardo Fernandez

“Trust is something that is extremely valuable in the wealth management and banking industry. When you turn to someone to help you manage your retirement portfolio, your family estate or the future transition of your business – you need to have complete confidence in your financial advisor’s ability to act in your best interests. I have come to trust Tim in a similar way. He is a trusted communications advisor who provides insightful strategies and messaging for our firm. His work with Michigan media outlets has helped to increase the visibility of our company with prospective clients and his digital media strategies ensure that our brand message extends to all corners of the industry. I’m thankful to have someone with Tim’s professional and personal life experience supporting our communication efforts.”

- Tracey Hornbeck

“From 2016-2019, Genesis Consulting Group worked with Tim to promote the annual “Let’s Talk Health” week in Grand Rapids. This series of community events was developed to inform communities of color in Grand Rapids about chronic health issues and provide information about preventative practices that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Tim was an innovative and collaborative partner who worked diligently to secure media representatives to serve as event hosts. He also coordinated media interviews that enhanced public awareness of the events and the health risks facing our minority community members. His work was essential to the success of this community event and increased our media impressions!”

- Senita Lenear

“I have worked with Tim on a variety of projects and I have found him to be thoughtful, strategic and tremendously responsive regardless of the time of day or day of the week. He brings a high level of professionalism to every task. I value his communications counsel on internal and external messaging projects. I have been most impressed with how he helps us maximize opportunities to tell our story with traditional media and on the digital media platforms.”

- Dennis Van Kampen

“From our first meeting in 2018, it was clear to me that Tim brought a level of passion and commitment to his work. I have had the opportunity to work with him on a number of sensitive and complex communication projects, and I have found the caliber of his work to be exceptional. He works collaboratively with our team to generate the best possible messaging for our internal and external audiences. Beyond that, he is proactive, creating media opportunities to enhance our company’s visibility in the community. I’m thankful for his dedication and insight.”

- Deidra Mitchell

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim on business and community-related projects over a number of years and I consider him to be one of the most effective communication experts I have met. Tim has provided strategic counsel to our company that was innovative, insightful and impactful. He has also offered his media expertise pro-bono on behalf of the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids, to secure news coverage that increased public awareness about the important community work being performed by the Club. Tim is a trusted friend and advisor who brings a high level of professionalism and personal engagement to every project.”

- Michael Sytsma

“The Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan serves accredited businesses in 38 counties. The Board of Directors is composed of talented business and community leaders who help deliver value to the BBB’s 4,200 members. When Tim joined our board in 2018 it was immediately clear that he was prepared to offer media, marketing and business counsel that made our regional office stronger. Tim also serves on the marketing and Trust Award committees, providing insight that strengthens the BBB’s overall brand position in the market. The staff greatly values and appreciates the contributions Tim brings to the BBB mission!”

- Phil Catlett

“I was introduced to Tim in 2021 by a mutual friend. As a CEO of a community-based nonprofit, I knew we needed an experienced communications person to help us share our impact with the community. Not only has Tim delivered that for our organization, but he has helped elevate our visibility within key influential centers, leading to a more established presence for GRAAHI and the work we do. Together, we have improved awareness of the role GRAAHI performs and helped bring greater healthcare equity to all members of our community.”

- Vanessa Greene

“When I served as the general manager of four over-the-air TV stations in northern Michigan, I had an obligation to seek out programming that was timely and relevant to the viewers in our region. Tim and I collaborated on a number of initiatives to produce just such content. In 2018, Tim worked with our news management to produce a live Town Hall program about the ongoing opioid epidemic in Michigan and what steps could be taken to combat it. With his background in media, Tim understands how to best position his client in a way that is also beneficial to the media outlet and the audience.”

- Kevin Dunaway

“May I highly recommend Tim Dye for service! I have had the pleasure of working with Tim in his role as a public relations specialist. As host of The WGVU Morning Show, I was the “media receiver” of his interview pitches. His guests were highly appropriate, prepared and polished. Tim is professional, thorough, attentive to details and a PLEASURE to work with! He is committed to the community as demonstrated by the many events he attends and has a strong reputation as a leader in the media business as a result of his work as a news director for two Michigan award winning television stations. Tim knows his craft and his passion is evident in any encounter.”

- Shelley Irwin

“During my 13 year TV news career I encountered countless business and community leaders. Some of these individuals became personal mentors to me, helping me to better understand the events, decisions and policies that made news in our state. Tim Dye was one of the more impactful people for me in that group. I first met him in 2007 when I interned at FOX-17. Since then I have called on him over the years to seek input on journalistic practices and career counseling. More than anything he has served as a trusted advisor who has helped me assess situations so that I could make better decisions regarding my personal and professional life. I’m thankful to have such a valuable person in my circle of friends.”

- Leon Hendrix