Grand Rapids Business Journal – Guest Column 2020 – Conflict, Communications, and Our Better Angels

By Tim Dye -December 25, 2020

What a year, eh?

Prior to the last 12 months, the numerical term 20-20 was best known for describing the perfect vision. However, the past year has proven to be anything but perfect. And as visions go — this one has left many people with a dark and uncertain view of the future.

Each day we are provided information about the global pandemic, social unrest over racial inequality in the U.S., and political discourse in our country that is more divisive than many people can recall in their lifetime. Every sector of our lives has been pressed to change, leaving many of us in search of something — anything — that is consistent with our past. Ironically, the past may actually be the best place to find perspective as we endure these radically changing times. Let me elaborate.

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